tiny Ps  

tiny Ps are precious, individual and unique sculptures, created from specially selected materials such as: porcelain, bronze, stoneware, earthenware, cast iron, aluminium, polyester resin, epoxy putty. Being part of a series of evolutionary events, tiny Ps inherit the ancestral genes of Plant’s P form and progressively develop colour, substance and structure.

Created by Louise Plant. Commissioned by Durham County Council, supported by Arts Council England and the County Durham Community Foundation.

Ps possess ambiguous orientation without necessity for base or plinth. Each individual P stands alone or interacts with another forming a single or multiple sculptural mass. Unique in form, not fixed, the configuration of the individual or the group changes with relation to context and location. Ps are interactive, accessible and can morph in size and shape.

up to 11x11x11cm

porcelain, bronze, stoneware, cast iron