Louise Plant Sculpture

Louise studied sculpture with the Open College of Arts in 1992 and later at Doncaster Art College. Her studies continued in Cambridge at Wysing Arts and in Italy at Global Stone Workshops, Carrara and at Fondazione Sem, Pietrasanta.

Awards include Artist of the Year Award from the Arts Council of England in 2000, the Brian Mercer Marble Scholarship, Studio Sem, Italy, 2007 and the Swedish KKV Bohuslän Scholarship in 2014.
Elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Sculptors in 2014, Louise has served on their Council and as a selection panel member for the Brian Mercer Scholarships. Her work is found throughout the UK, in India, Thailand and Italy and in many private collections.
Fascinated by movement and how it occupies space, she creates dynamically fluid sculpture from solid materials. Currently her work is focused on forms and spaces moving through and under water.

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