Portland Ps
Portland Ps on their way to Asthall Manor for the exhibition ‘on form 2016′  opens on the 12 June 2016.

Latest in the series of P sculptures are the Portland Ps. They are included in this years on form exhibition at Asthall Manor ‘…the only exhibition in the UK dedicated exclusively to stone sculpture – returns to its glorious Windrush Valley setting at Asthall Manor from Sunday, 12th June to Sunday, 10th July. (12 noon to 6pm, closed Mondays and Tuesdays, open till 9pm on Thursdays.)’

The Portland Ps are accompanied by the Exhibition Ps https://louiseplant.com/marble/exhibition-ps/  carved from Italian marble.

Ps possess ambiguous orientation without necessity for base or plinth. Each individual P stands alone or interacts with another forming a single or multiple sculptural mass. Unique in form, not fixed, the configuration of the individual or the group changes with relation to context and location. Ps are interactive, accessible and can morph in size and shape