Regatta Exhibition at Cheeseburn Grange

The work of British sculptor Louise Plant considers how human energy and movement influence the spaces around us. Her exhibition ‘Regatta’ at Cheeseburn highlights the contrast of rigid stone with the fluidity of water; elements of predetermination and flukes in nature. The immediate force within eddies, borne from the pull of an oar, is captured and committed to stone. Despite the weight of the sculpture’s body, the result is anything but static. Sounds ‘water into stone’ by Dr Bennett Hogg. Film and photography by Jane Morgan and Peter Budd. Film of the exhibition by Jason Thompson, Sound Ideas Media. Thanks to Janet Smith, Matthew Jarratt, Joanna Riddell and Francesca Manzin.

link to a film of the exhibition by Jason Thompson:  Regatta Exhibition at Cheeseburn Grange 2019

link to sounds by Bennett Hogg: