Sculpture - Steel

SKP1 Stealth and SKP2 Stealth

SKP1 Stealth and SKP2 Stealth – line drawings fabricated in mirror polished stainless steel. They evolve from the print series SKP 1 to 5 capturing fluid momentum and energy. SKP Stealth sculptures are there but not there; minimal reflective surfaces disappear the forms into their settings and dissolve each part of everything close into each other. With constantly changing weather and light, sometimes only black shadows or white reflective shadows indicate their presence. They are stealthy, sneaky and stand unnoticed unless noticed.

SKP 1 – H180 D4.5 W249 cm

SKP 2 – H180 D4.5 W260 cm

Mirror Polished Stainless Steel

Currently exhibited at Chelsea Barracks

Parkours 1, 3 and 6

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SKP1 Stealth and SKP2 Stealth

Joining Force

Amarylla Guerrilla


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