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Out of a Box


Portland Limestone

13 columns sited across 72 square metres

70 – 200 x 20 x 20 cm

Sited at RNIB Vocational College, Loughborough

Composed of thirteen columns carved from Portland Limestone, created with and for RNIB students. Created to inspire independent engagement with the outdoor residential garden space. Contrasting reliefs carved within circular boundaries in both sides of each column – the discrete differences in each relief combines with rhythmical changes of height and distance between columns – this informs orientation and supports movement, stillness and exploration through and within the space.

Messenger II

Messenger I

Portland Ps

Regatta IX.1

Regatta IX

Regatta XII

Regatta VI

Regatta IV

P3, P4, P5

Ps in a Pod/Durham Ps

Rip Cord



Love Tug




Exhibition Ps


La Dolce Vita

Parkour 3

Out of a Box

SKP1 Stealth and SKP2 Stealth

Joining Force

Amarylla Guerrilla

Parkour 3 Flat Pack

Ps By the Sea

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