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June 2015

Parkour 3 at Udden, Sweden

Looking forward to seeing Parkour 3 at Udden, Sweden Uddenskulptur 2015 Jubileum

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September 2014

Parkour 3, Tossene Granite, KKV Bohuslän, Sweden

Parkour 3, carved in Tossene granite completed during the scholarship at KKV Bohuslän, Sweden, , enabled by research and development work completed at Derby University.

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June 2014

SKP1 Stealth and SKP2 Stealth

Line drawings in stainless steel evolved from the SKP 1 to 5 prints capturing fluid momentum and energy. Fabricated from polished stainless, Stealth Ps are there but not there. Minimal reflective surfaces...

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February 2014

The Bohusläns Stone Scholarship at KKV-B

Just heard news that I have been elected to receive Sweden´s biggest work grant for sculptors; The Bohusläns Stone Scholarship at KKV-B. KKV-B is supported by Västra Götalandsregionen, Statens kulturråd,...

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August 2013

Stone Festival at the Bowes, 2013

I am very much looking forward to being part of this year’s Stone Festival at the Bowes. It’s exciting to think of working with the team, of sharing ideas with colleagues and generating creativity with new audiences. It...

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